With Mitzi

These are a collection of easy recipes that ANYONE can cook.
Whether you are a seasoned cook or just starting out,you (yes,YOU) can make these
delicious meals.As long as you can read,your'e in business!All these recipes are
either my own or family favorites.So,impress your boyfriend/girlfriend!(or SNAG
Make your husband happy!Keep your kids home for dinner!
I've cooked every one of these in my own kitchen,and have written them down in very easy-to-follow
Learn to enjoy cooking!
It's not as frightening as you think!
I always have a glass of wine while preparing my meals,alittle music playing,and I
find it is alot of fun.


More to come,stay tuned!

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What's on my menu tonight?
9/27/05 Teriyaki chicken,herbed rice,
corn,warm french bread

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