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Pasta Salad
-1 lb box of tri-colored pasta
-Fresh sliced mushrooms,handful
-1 each sliced green and red pepper
-1 bunch broccoli florets
-1 container grape tomatoes
-1 small chopped onion
-1 small can black pitted olives
-1 small bunch sliced radishes
-1 large bottle Italian salad dressing
-Salt,pepper to taste
Cook pasta according to package directions.
Add all veggies together in a large bowl,salt,pepper.
When pasta is done,drain,rinse under cool water.
Add pasta to veggies,then pour dressing over and toss.
Stick in fridge,best if done the night before
Serve cold,great at barbeques!

Classic Potato Salad
My sis Sue's recipe
-5 lbs. potatoes,peeled,chunked
-5 large eggs
-2 cups mayo
-1 finely chopped onion
-Oil(2 tablespoons)
Boil potatoes till soft,about 20 minutes.
(Hint:cut into small chunks,cooks faster!)
Boil eggs about 15 minutes,shell,cool,slice.
When potatoes are done,combine with eggs
in large bowl,stir in mayo,oil,(so it's not too thick)
Salt,pepper to taste,refridgerate to cool.

Tomato/Cucumber Pasta Salad
-1 lb box ziti
-4 large,juicy tomatoes,sliced
-2 cucumbers,sliced
-2 cups mayo
-Oil,vinegar,few tablespoons each
Cook pasta,drain,cool.
While pasta is cooking,put sliced tomatoes
into large bowl,add cukes,salt,pepper.
When pasta is done,add to bowl,add mayo,oil,
vinegar,toss.Stick in fridge and your'e good to go!

Chicken Pasta Salad
-1 lb box ziti
-2 red peppers,sliced
-1 small chopped onion
-2 cups cooked cut-up chicken
(use left overs,or ready to eat)
-2 cups mayo
-Bit of oil
(I always use olive oil)
-Salt,pepper to taste
Cook pasta according to package
Add chicken,peppers,onion to large bowl
Rinse,drain pasta,add to bowl
Add mayo,oil,salt & pepper,toss
This is best served cold,next day
with thick crusty bread