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Chocolate/Carmel Cake Supreme
-1 chocolate cake mix
-1 tub cool whip
-1 jar carmel topping
-1 bag brickle bits
Using 9 by 13"cake pan,bake cake according to directions
When cake is cooled,poke holes thruout,about
the size of a pencil eraser,about 6 to a row
Fill holes with carmel filling,then top with thawed
cool whip,sprinkle brickle bits over top of that
Keep in fridge till served

Pistaschio Birthday Cake
-1 tub Cool Whip
-2 boxes pistaschio instant pudding mix
-1 bar cream cheese,room temp
-1 large rectangular pan
-Milk for pudding
Spray pan with Pam cooking spray
Make cake mix according to directions
Bake and cool
Mix pudding as directed,adding Cool Whip
and cream cheese while beating
Poke holes in cake,pour pudding mixture
into holes and over top of cake
One of my son Joe's favorites!